Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's Starting To Feel Like Fall

    Hello everyone! This November has just been having really weird weather! I mean it's great BUT just not how it's supposed to be. I am super glad though because I can still wear my leather jacket yay!! Here I have on a couple of items I've been wearing a lot his month, my Urban Outfitters leather jacket, this green Men's sweater also from urban. Underneath I am wearing my BDG shorts and black leggings. Something new I am wearing is my berry color beanie, I really like this beanie because it keeps my head super warm! Well that's what a beanie is suppose to do right ? Haha This beanie I purchased at Target in the men's section, they have all kinds of cool colors. I just paired this outfit with some cute low boots, just nice and simple. My scarf was an awesome gift !! That's pretty much it for this outfit. Thanks for reading! 
    Didn't do much today, just ran some important errands. This is a perfect outfit for that because of how comfortable I was, plus the boots were flat so I was able to walk fast! But yes that's pretty much it! 




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