Thursday, April 28, 2016

Over Jeans Jackets + Cat Shirts


Spending my evenings with my oversized jean jacket and my FAVORITE thrifted cat shirt from the thrift store called Monk. Having a jean jacket is always a must have item in your closet. Some places I would recommend checking out would be No Relation Vintage thrift store. This place is really good place to find jean jackets, high wasted jean short and jeans, anything jean related. This Urban Renewal jean jacket isn't sold at Urban Outfitters anymore. So your best bet is the thrift stores. Second is my cat shirt from Monk, when I saw this shirt I was just HAD to buy it. I am a cat lover since forever so this was such a great find. The skirt that I am appearing to be wearing isn't a long shirt its a long dress, I just layered on my cat shirt since its been cold in the evenings. Something that is new and I'm super excited about are this creeper shoes!! I bought them at a local shoe store near Union Square. They were on sale too! You know everyone loves a good sale, they were $20!!!! I wish they had black... but blue will suffice.

No Relation Vintage Thrift Store

Monk Vintage Thrift Store


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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


    Walking along Soho always gives me new inspiration. I was looking for pants, decided to look in Uniqlo when I stumbled upon these Drape Gaucho pants on the manikin. I fell in love, I've been looking for pants like these for a while now. It was a great moment! Instantly purchase them. They can pass as a skirt when just standing but they are actually pants, super comfortable!! I wear them all the time.  I have Uniqlo leggings underneath, due to the cold. YES here in New York its still chilly..
    My boyfriend style button down is from 
Lacoste. Simple not much to say about it. Threw on my Members Only vegan leather jacket to give it some edge. As for my boots I am wearing my boots from Dr. Martins called Magdalena, these boots are made to create and pair with your own style. Super easy to put on and go with the zipper on the side to close the boots. I really recommend these, but I will say like all Dr.Martins you have to break them in. Wear thick comfortable socks at first, and you should be fine~ 
    My bookbag is from Urban Outfitters called Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Bookbag. I've been eyeing this bag for a while. One day I wanted to treat myself and decided to buy it. It was $54 when I purchased it, but I checked online and it was on sale for $29.99! Went back to Urban for a price adjustment. 👌🏻 
    For my final item, its my $1 black beanie, which I purchased at a 99 cent store in Brooklyn.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend!! 😘 

Uniqlo, Drape Gaucho Pants- 

Uniqlo, Black Leggings-

Dr. Martins, Magdalena-

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