Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pink With Dark Colors

   Hello !! I hope everyone is had a great weekend ! ummm did i? well i was working haha so i guess yes !
for today's post its all about my new Vagabonds Dioon Canvas Oxford, I love them so much! like i keep saying Vagabond are the most stylish and comfortable shoes ever made!! i cant say anything more. Second lets go to my favorite leather jacket from Member's Only from Urban Outfitters. I'm gladly to say that we have this awesome jacket back in stock for our spring collection. This jacket is $159 but it's totally worth it. This jacket look even more expensive then that it is, its also perfect for this warm color weather we are having in NYC at the moment. Third i wanted to add some pattern, so i added this cotton button down. As for my blue velvet skirt i got this at a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. This skirt is actually really big on me but i love the velvet with deep blue so i had to get it. Lastly I'm wearing just simple black tights. THANKS for reading today's post!

Vagabond Dioon Canvas Oxord

Member's Only Vegan Leather Jacket

Pattern Button Down ( out of stock ) 

Velvet Deep Blue Skirt ( thrift store Buffalo Exchange )

Black Tights




Sunday, April 19, 2015

Red And Black

   Good Morning everyone! I'm trying my best to post everyday, not that I have a better work schedule, I have time to time pictures and blog about it ^^ which I'm really happy about! yay.
Okay lets get right into it, for todays post its a really simple outfit. I also like wearing dark colors in Spring and Summer. Why? well I just like darker colors then lighter haha. For my cotton black blouse its vender is  Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters. Next is my Ecote Skirt from Urban as well ( okay side note everything I have on is Urban Outfitter... haha )  This skirt I wont be wearing when it get more warmer because this is made a hotter material like wool. But since spring isn't SUPER hot its great to wear out. Third is just my black tights that are awesome! they have last me for a while now. Fourth is my FAVORTIE Norah Vagabonds. Check out my other post to read more about these shoes. Belt is just a thin one so it wont overwhelm the skirt. Lately is my Casio gold watch.
Thanks for reading ! Have a great day everyone :)

Ecote Skirt ( the website only has it in the green color :( )

Black Blouse
Out of stock :(

Black Tights



Saturday, April 18, 2015

Come Here


    Hello I'm back with another post ! Today was a really GORGEOUS day. I'm really glad the weather has been looking up. So because of that I can finally wear my Little White Lies Dress. This is just the prefect dress for transitioning into spring. I really love the lace detailing all over, every cute. This dress also has see through pockets which is always a PLUS! don't you think? I paired this with some black tights. Since this dress is some what on the short side, I wore some short black shorts underneath. As for Shoes I wore my Vagabond Kenova Patent Loafer shoes. These are the most comfortable shoes. I actually work in these shoes haha since I'm walking and standing most of the time. Last are my accessories.  My moon stone was giving to me as a gift ! I really love this moon stone!! My watch is from Casio. Thanks for reading my latest post! hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Little White Lies Dress
( Out of stock )

Black Tights

Vagabonds Kenova Patent Loafers

Casio Watch

Moon Stone
 ( was a gift )

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's Finally Starting To Feel Like Spring

   Hello for today's post im happy to bring you a cool spring outfit ! I can finally wearing some spring clothes without feeling awkward in this bipolar weather we are having in New York. It goes from super nice to SUPER COLD! So it's hard decising whether to bring a jacket or not. 
   Anyways let's start off with this Just Female Elina Jacket. This is a great spring jacket because it's not to long it to short ! Plus it's over comfortable. Who doesn't like that right ? Next is my cropped orange tank, this is made with cotton so it's super comfortable for the hot weather and it just feels really nice on your skin. This tanks come in different colors ! From white and black , mint to black. Awesome basic tank to have in your wardrobe. Third is this light wash Cheap Monday jeans, this are somewhat relaxed jeans but for me they got pretty fitted all the way down. So it's like a skinny jean for me. Guess what? it's shhhooeess time ! Yay! The shoes I'm wearing are my current favorite obsession, my Vagabonds Norah. I'm seriously when I say vagabonds are the most stylish and comfortable shoes! If you like those two things then Vagabonds are for you. As for accessories I'm just wearing a simple brown belt and some pattern round sunglasses. Round sunglasses are really on trend at the moment. 
Thanks for reading todays OOTD. 

Just Female Elina Jacket

Orange Tank Top 

Cheap Monday Jeans 

Vagabonds Norah 
Are out of stock :( 

Brown Belt 



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Easter

  Hello everyone I'm bring you here a simple and comfortable Easter Outfit. First thing is first I hope everyone had a great Easter ~ if you celebrate it, if not I hope you had a good Sunday.
  First let's start off with my favorite Silence + Noise Waylin Asymmetrical Parka. This is the best jacket I've had , I absolutely love it. Its just the right kind of long. The color is also beauty. This jacket is great for the Spring and Summer. I paired this with an all black outfit. Classic BDG black high rise jeans. As for my shoes I found these at Beacon's Closet. These are a nice all white platform lace shoe. I love these !! As for lip color I'm wearing Diva by Mac. And that is all for today's post ! I hope you guys are having a great week ! 

Silence + Noise Waylin Asymmetrical Parka -

BDG Jeans -

Mac Lipstick -