Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hayato Salon Hair Photoshoot

    こんにちは !! ( Hello ) everyone today's post is going to be about my experience at Hayato Salon in New York. First of all I just want to say that I'm thankful I got picked to be part of this project!!
    This salon is a japanese brand salon.  has a really nice staff , you feel like your friend is cutting your hair. Which is a really comfortable vibe. 
They also have candy !!! ( I'm a sucker for candy haha) but overall they are awesome! I normally don't go to salons to get a haircut anymore, why? Because I've had some bad experiences or I just wasn't SOOOO happy with the results. Basically the same thing haha. Also another thing I'm not rich to be spending crazy money on someone I'm not sure will be great. Their rates aren't expensive to be based in New York. Which is really convenient. I highly recommend this Hayato. 
   I absolutely love my hair !! 



Rock & Roll


        Hello I am back and ready to share all these new OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day). For todays post it's all about rock chic with a hint of girly haha. I've really been loving my Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket from Urban Outfitters. I normally don't like short or cropped leather jackets BUT this is an exception. This jacket is not to thick but not to light, its just right. This jacket also goes with anything! Makes it look chic and classic on whatever you wear, even a plan Tank or T-shirt. SO this jacket will be featured in a lot of outfits so I believe haha. I paired this with a studded collar white blouse from Forever21. I got this a while ago but any white blouse will do. Third is this skirt that I bought at a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. This skirt was 9.99$ but was from Forever21.
      Now lets move on to the tights, they are from Urban Outfitters. They are really good tights! love them!! Shoes are from the vender Silence & Noise by Urban Outfitters. These shoes are the classic ankle boot. One of my favorite boots. Hat is also from Urban Outfitters.
     Well I hope you enjoyed this OOTD. All the links for the clothes will be down below! if any of the items are out of stock it will be listed below :) Thanks for reading !!

-Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket


-Shoes ( OUT OF STOCK ) :(