Thursday, March 31, 2016

Old Times

    Bring back the 90's with my dog print button down and mom jeans! Since it's just transitioning into spring. ITS taking so long! But I'm so happy I get to feel the sun's warmth in the afternoon, but then it's get so cold at night..... So this is a prefect outfit to wear at this time ~ Take a look at your local thrift store or if you're here in New York City try going to No Relations. That's the place to go to find high wasted jeans, shirts and among other cool gems waiting to be found. This  dog button down was also thrifted. My black hoodie is from Uniqlo, just a simple basic hoodie. My fake leather vest was originally had green sleeves but i decided to cut the sleeves off and turn this into a oversized vest. Good thing I did because I use it more. The wedge shoes are from They aren't real Converse sneakers but nonetheless they are still super cute! Super light weight and comfortable!! 
    I hope everyone had a great week and even a better weekend!! ❤️
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Photo taken by Raven Adams

Wedge Shoes-

Lip color Cashmere - 

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ultra Suede

   Hey Hey! Today the focus is this ultra suede light coat from Vivienne Hu. The first thing I have to say about this coat is that's it's so timeless. You can dress it up or dress it down. It's a fun and flattering piece to have in your closet, a must. I definitely will be rocking this light coat more, when it starts getting a little warm here in New York. Here is an example how can dress it down, showed in the picture. I am wearing a simple black small V neck shirt, with dark blue jeans and some black boots. To give it some Lucy magic, I just added a tattoo choker and my fedora from Marshall's. As for my purse, it's a vintage Coach purse that was purchased in Beacon's Closet. How I would dress it up , I would wear a black silk dress or just a black cotton dress or even the classic mini black dress since this coat is long enough to cover your bom bom. Also it can be paired with some leather pants and a nice while blouse, with gold jewelry or even sliver would also look great. So I would definitely recommend checking this coat. It also comes in a black wool, but since it's getting warmer this is prefect! Store location Vivienne Hu 85 Thompson St. In SoHo NY. 

Ultra Suede Coat #RST1501 


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