Sunday, November 8, 2015

Walking around Easter color

    Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! It's MONDAY!!! FUNDAY?!? Well I don't know haha. So today's outfit I am wearing COLOR, EVERYONE HEAR COOOLLLOOEERRR. Yes I do wear color at times, Well I actually really love the color lavender or lilac so saying that my first item is this Silence + Noise Waylin Asymmetrical Parka in the color lilac. This parka comes in the classic colors black and grey, which are the colors that are always available. This lilac color parka I pursued over the spring. So it was only available then, because I have seen it since. This parka is super light weight but it still can keep you warm. I know it's November but the weather here in NYC has been so weird. Its been feeling like spring so that's why I am able to wear this parka. It's super soft but its one of those clothing's that you have to iron. Other that its super cute! Next is my long black and white striped shirt, its not too long to be a shirt dress but long enough to wear with leggings. This was my brother's but he wasn't a big fan of this shirt so he gave it to me, this is from Old Navy. I recommend checking out Old Navy for some basic T-shirts, Men sections ^^. Third are my leggings from Marshall's, this are just basic leggings. My boots are from Urban Outfitters from a year ago. My beret is from Urban as well, you guys can definitely check out the last post called Feeling French Toast. I wish I had more colors beret, I'll be looking for some soon! Hopefully there will be some when I go thrifting again!
    Today was a nice day, was walking around Brooklyn waiting for an important call, when I found these adorable flowers. The combination of these colors are so great, flowers always makes me feel happy. Don't you agree? Then right around the corner there was this SUPER cute dog waiting for its owner. The dog was so well behaved soooo cute, it was hard taking photos of him. Along the way I found this café that sold HUGE macaroons. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! but I forgot the name :( ..... I know right ? I'll remember hopefully! This outfit was a more laidback outfit for this type chill day. I hope you guys had a great weekend and enjoyed reading about today outfit! HAVE A GREAT WEEK GUYS :))

Silence + Noise Waylin Asymmetrical Parka ( all colors but the lilac )

Marshall's website

Single Eye Chocker






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