Thursday, February 19, 2015

Boy You Drive Me Crazy



   Good Morning to everyone! Today I bring you an all black outfit haha. First I have this simple T-shirt from Top Shop. 
Next is my AWESOME pants! I absolutely positively love these pants. I found these at a thrift store called Beacons Closet. They were only 10$, I wish there were more. I just wore some black tight under these pants because it since these are really loose the cold would of killed me haha. For my belt I got this at Urban Outfitters. Just a simple skinny belt. Really useful! Shoes? Well ask for shoes I just got any black booties I had! AND that's it ! So simple but cool. So I believe haha 
Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you guys have a Great day. 





Friday, February 13, 2015

Fur Lover

   Happy Friday !! Everyone !! For today's post it's going to be another simple outfit! I've really have not been feeling the weather here in NYC .. It WAY to cold ... Plus at my job I can't really wear anything cute, because it's always cold !! So I have to wear some sort of sweater or jacket, or I'll get sick. So let's start of with my blue jumper, I bought this at forever 21 years ago. And yes I still have it haha. Next are my BDG jeans from urban. These are super high rise. They were on sale for 9.99$. Third is my old and favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots. These unfortunately are out of stock. I've been wearing this fur collar scarf from the past 2 days! Why? Well because it's so freaking warm!! Plus it just looks cute and I love the way it feel haha so soft. So that's it for today !! Thanks for reading ^^ 



Thursday, February 12, 2015

Red Goodness

  Hello today I bring to you a beauty post :D to change it up a bit haha today I'm going to talk about my new Mac cosmetics. SO happy haha I was looking in the Mac store knowing I HAD to buy a new lipstick. BUT the question was , what color ? Well I decided to buy a classic red color. Because why not ! So
I went for the color MAC Red and from a little help from an associate, he recommended me to buy Brick. It was a great choice. I absolutely love this color. Plus since Valentine's Day is around the corner, this would be a great color to wear. I recommend get these two products together. The lip pencil helps for the lipstick color not to bleed through out the day. Bleed as in stain or get get all messy around your mouth area haha. Really does help. 
  Well I hope you guys enjoyed my little beauty post today !! 





Wednesday, February 11, 2015

かわいい? ( Cute? )


    Hello today I bring a more girly cute outfit! Let's start off with the basic black shirt from Top Man. I really like their basic shifts haha so soft !! Next is my school girl skirt dress ? Haha I found this at buffalo exchange for 9.99$ it's originally from forever 21. Third I just paid it with some black tights from Urban Outfitters. For shoes I wore my Vagabond Kenova Patent Loafers from Urban Outfitters as well. The red color on my lips is MAC red by Mac. I seriously love this color. Last by not least is my fur collar scarf is from Urban outfitters. This is actually on sale in stores. It's so warm !! Love it. 


Vagabond Shoes 

Fur Collar Scarf 




Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Even Though It's Bright , There is Darkness in My Soul


  Hey Hey today's post is super laid back outfit, why? Because I didn't care today HAHA yes I normally try to put cool outfits together but today wasn't one of those days. Even with a simple outfit you can look decent! The shirt is my boyfriend's shirt, he let me barrow it. This is from H&M. My jeans are from Urban Outfitters. High rise twig ankle black 
Jean. These Jeffery Campbell boots look really dirty BUT they are literally the best shoes never!! This are my go to shoes at the moment ~ I wear them so much they are all dirty haha I gotta clean them once again. The BDG hat I got on sale years ago. I can't believe I still have it haha anyways thanks reading this lady Out of the day ! 

Basic t-shirt - ( couldn't find this one but there are other colors and similar ones) 

Jeffery Campbell boots ( are out of shock) 



Open for Paradise

   Hello welcome back to another post on Lexmora. For today's post is going to be about my UNFI oversized cardigan. I absolutely the colors on this cardigan. It's also somewhat of a thick material to keep you nice and warm! But you do have to wear a scarf in this cold weather we are having in New York ! This is a really simple outfit with 3 basics. One, a button down that I bought at a thrift store called buffalo exchange. Two, classic black jeans that I bought at Urban Outfitters. Brand (BDG) style high rise twig ankle.Third, just black boots. Really simple because I wanted the cardigan to be the focus. Hope you guys enjoyed  today's post ! Happy Tuesday !!



Monday, February 2, 2015



   Hello and welcome back to another post on Lexmora ^^! For today's post is going to be about Jean on Jean. I never really liked the look of Jean on Jean, BUT this coat is SO AMAZING! I couldn't say no haha. Let's start off with this reversible coat from the Vender AZY4UO (Assemble New York) I'm showing the Jean side because the fur side is much more warmer in these cold streets on New York. Gotta stay nice and warm. Anyways this you can style in many different ways! Since is reversible. Both sides have POCKETS! Yes celebration! Next i pairs this with my copped fuzzy sweater from MINKPINK all I can stay sooo FUZZZZYY!! This adds a hint of girly.  Underneath it I paired it with a collared button down. I went with a pattern but any of your choice will be great! As for the jeans I wore my BDG jeans from urban that were on sale for $9.99! Yea I know I can't get over it. As for shoes i have on my Jeffery Campbell boots. This are great when you break them in ! Lastly my hat is just from urban outfitters once again. I wear this hat A LOT. 
   Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post. All links so the clothes will be down below. As well as my soical medias! 

AZY4UO Reversible Coat

MINKPINK sweater

BDG jeans


JEFFERY CAMPBELL boots (sold out ;( ) 




Sunday, February 1, 2015


    Good Afteroon! For today's post it's going to be about this chic and classic look ! Here is one of my lazy outfits haha. Let's start off with my favorite leather jacket, the one and only Memebers Only Vegan leather jacket. I'm tell you this jacket goes with basically everything. 
Second my red button down was found at buffalo exchange. My BDG jeans are from Urban Outfitters. There were on sale for 9.99$ !! Yay! Lastly is my shoes they are from a brand called Backers. They aren't well known BUT their shoes are so comfortable! These are my FAVORITE SHOES. I can walk in them for a long time! This is just a simple look , when you're not feeling like doing a lot. 
(All links will be listed below ) 


BDG JEANS ( all sale jeans )