Friday, October 30, 2015

One Eye

    Hello! Today I have on my favorite leather jacket that I'm always wearing haha. You can check out more looks on how to style this leather jacket. Or just get some ideas on what to style it, on my older posts. So I don't really have to go into detail :) Second I'm wearing this cropped fuzzy jumper from MinkPink with little colored pebbles,its so soft! It doesn't look cropped at all because I'm wearing my high wasted BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters. As for my belt its from Forever 21. Shoes are from..... guess? wait for it !!!! VAGABONDS haha ugh how I love this brand !!! Second to last for my purse its from Urban Renewal. This purse has been my purse of the week really. It has enough space for my camera so that's always a plus! Lastly I'm wearing one of my FAVORITE chocker at the moment, I'll probably be wearing this chocker for like weeks >,<. That's how much I love it. This is from a Flea market in Brooklyn weekends only. I'll put all the info at the bottom. Yes when I saw this chocker I was like OMG I have to have it. It also came in more different colors eyes. Mines is green, they have blue in stores. Online they have green and grey, also they carry necklaces and cool awesome looking rings! I cant wait to go back and buy more jewelry.
    Little back story, I wore this outfit just for a casual day in the city. Went to watch Paranormal Activity the Ghost Dimension. In my opinion the Paranormal Activity is basically the same thing going on in every movie. Well is about the Paranormal hahaha and I wont lie it makes me jump all the TIME!!! (SPOLIER) In this movie the only different thing is that the witches want to bring Toby in to a human body, in order to do so they need Leila's blood.  In the end he does come back as a human. SO we'll probably see another Paranormal movie coming out in a few years. I'm curious to know what happens to Toby and if someone is able to stop him. But overall it was a pretty good movie. Got me jumping all the time PLUS since it was 3D. If another movie comes out, I would watch it.
    That was my outfit of the day! hope you guys enjoy reading a little bit more on my day. if you guys like this place let me know :) Have a good Friday guys!!! Stay warm!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Overside Patterns

    Hi,  Hi  everyone reading this! I'm here with another look. Today's look is more of a comfortable BUT chic outfit. I love, love, love this sweatshirt from J.O.A. The best thing about this, is the fact that you can dress this sweatshirt causally or dress it up. Also it's super warm and comfortable! Next is my BDG Super High Wasted light wash jeans. I actually forgot I had these jeans. I was so was happy when I found them when I was doing laundry. Why?? because I only had one pair of jeans! So another pair equals YAY. The next two items which are, my boots and fedora are both from Marshall's. My boot I pursued 2 years ago. These boots are super cute, but after a whole day they will start to hurt! They have support inside so I would expect them to last the whole day. So I only wear these when I know I'm not doing much walking. Or if I do have to walk a lot then I just bring a second pair of shoes. My fedora is the same old favorite one from my other posts. Lastly my little black bag is an Urban Renewal item from Urban Outfitters. I would recommend you guys look into the Bags of Urban Renewal, they have really unique bags! But I will say they can be a bit pricy, so if you're on a budget then like I am, I'll just wait until they are on sale :D in stores and online.
Well that's it ! Hope you guys enjoyed reading today's post! HAVE A GOOD WEEK GUYS :)

J.O.A Plaid Voluminous Sweatshirt ( sold out at the moment :( )

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tan Coat Of Dreams

    Hello everyone ! I hope you guys had a great week! Yay it's Friday !!! Party time ! By party time, I mean stay home and relax....for me. Today's look is all about my Kimchi Blue Cozy Mid-Calf Duster Coat from Urban Outfitters. This coat is everything, I absolutely love it. This week has been like spring weather in NYC , but since we are in the endings of October so it still gets cold at night. This coat is perfect for it ! Next is my simple knitted blue sweater from Forever21. Nothing crazy just a basic sweater. Underneath I actually have on a bodycon black dress from Zara. I used this dress more causally by making it the allusion that I was just wearing a skirt. This dress is a great layering piece. Next are my old lace up booties. If I can recall I purchase this boots at this place called Bakers a few years ago. They were having a Christmas special by one and get 50% off the next pair. So I took advantage and bought these boots and and another vine colored one. Maybe you'll see them in a different post soon. My mom was surprised I picked out these boots, because I was younger and still figuring out my style. BUT that's another story haha. My favorite fedora at the moment is from Marshall's. Nothing more to it. So that it for today's post ! Have a great weekend :D 

Kimchi Blue Cozy Mid-Calf Duster Coat 
( it's sold out but Google the name probably you'll find something ) 

Bodycon black dress 



Monday, October 12, 2015

Nights In The City


    HI THERE! We have yet another all black outfit! YAY? Today's outfit is a laid back but still cool and chic outfit for going out at night with the girls! etc. etc. Lets start of with my ALL time favorite my Members Only Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket. I am so happy that it's finally cold enough to wear this beauty. OHHH now this vegan leather jacket comes in the color Olive!! WHAT? but it's only an online exclusive. Next I am just wearing a basic black shirt. Third are my comfortable ninja pants from Beacon's Closet. These are the best pants I've ever bought! I definitely recommend going thrift shopping. Accessory time ~ my belt is from Forever 21, like I said Forever 21 has really good and cheap belts for any style. My rings are just random, for what I remember but I have some rings on from a ring set from Urban Outfitters. Shoes are also from Urban Outfitters but they are sold out...  
soo that it ! I hope you guys enjoyed another way to style black clothes ^^.





Thursday, October 8, 2015

In Love With You


                    Hello and welcome back to another post on LexMora~ 
    Today i have no surprise an all black outfit. I don't know why but i just love the color black, wait no shade ? haha. Lets start with the same Zara blazer i had on the last post. Why am i wearing it again?? Well because i love it, Thats why. This blazer can make anything look super cool, well that's what i think so. You can check out the last post to read about that outfit as well. Next i just wore a simple black shirt, nothing to fancy.  As for the pants I wore these fake leather skinny legging/pants. I found these at Buffalo Exchange for only 9$ yes so CHEAP LOVE IT!! I wore my lovely and most asked shoes, are my Norah's from the brand Vagabonds. Everyone asks about them. For my hat i found at Marshall's, just randomly in the hair tool section. I tried it on and loved it.  So i had to buy it. The bag was from Burlington from the brand London Fog. Really nice bag, fits a lot of things. Sooooooo that is it for today's all black simple outfit. Hope it was a good read and make sure to follow me on Instagram. 


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You know I'm Bad

    Hello for today's outfit I'm wearing mostly thrifted items ~ since I went thrifting a couple of days ago. Since I went to donate some old clothes. That were really big.
    Let's start off with the blazer. I found this at Goodwill. This is a Zara basic for
only 19.99$. There is a funny story to this blazer, well to me at least it is. When I spotted this blazer is was in another woman's hands. I was like OHH MAN I wish that blazer could be mine.... Next thing I know , I see that same lady. I asked her , " Hey miss where did you put that spiked shoulder blazer ?" She said, " I put it back in the blazer section. Want me to go get it for you?" I told her sure THANK YOU! Since I wasn't sure if I was going to get my shoes i was trying on and i was taking a long time taking them off, I would of thought someone already took it. That kind lady came back with the blazer! SO KIND!! Now she will always remain in my memories, just for that simple action. But let me tell you this blazer, it's everything! It's just prefect. I'm so glad I found it. For those chilly nights, this will come in handy. The second thrifted item is my black velvet top. This was found at Goodwill, its just one of those basic pieces  you need. Next is my Rag & Bones Jeans. These are men's jeans but who cares haha. As for shoes I found these little cute heels at an Asian style mall in Queens. They were only 10$!! yes! haha  Had to get them. My purse was also thrifted. My best friend Pamela actually got it for me. She is so thoughtful! Love her!! My belt is one of my favorite one and only one... This is from Forever21. They always have nice cheap belt that last a long time. Well that's it for today post! I moved so i didn't have Wifi for while!  Omg so boring...  But I'm back at it again!! 

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