Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shoe Lace Ponybun

    Hello everyone I can't believe it's finally December!!! It's still kind of warm but chilly at the same time here in New York, which is crazy OMG. For today's outfit since this weather has been crazy I'm not really bundled up, I'm just wearing my my most worn jacket of the month of November would be this leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. Next I am wearing a royal blue jumper from forever 21 that I purchased a couple years ago , it's knitted and the color it's royal blue so two best things in one in my opinion so i love it. Underneath I am wearing a spaghetti strap dress. I wore the royal blue jumper on top to make the illusion that I'm just wearing a long skirt but I wasn't , I was actually wearing a long dress that I also purchased from Urban Outfitters. As for my shoes I'm wearing my most favorite shoes of the month of November, which are these kind of sway ,grayish black booties that I purchased at Marshall's a couple years ago as well. I haven't wore them out for long time but I recently found them in my closet so I was like hey! there's a change of shoes, since  I'm always wearing my Vagabond and I found out my love for these new booties I really did. I'm wearing my belt from Forever21 that I'm always wearing in most of my outfits because this belt is so awesome. If you ever want good cheap equality belts definitely go to Forever 21. As for my bookbag I purchased this from the men's section at Urban Outfitters. I'm always carrying things around so this is just perfect. 
    For my hair I really didn't want to have it down so I had it in a low bun, tied with a pink shoe lace to add some kind of color to my outfit. It was really random how I decided to tie my hair with a pink shoe lace. Thought it was pretty interesting after haha 
    As for my day I was just in class, I was hungry so I went to go to this Japanese food store near by. I got myself some Pocky snacks and a Japanese drink, IT WAS SO おいしい ( yummy/delicious ) then just when back to class for the day. Hope you guys had an awesome day! And enjoyed reading today's post! :) 





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