Monday, November 2, 2015


    Hello, hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Today I have a chill effortless look. Today I didn't really feel like dressing up so much. So I just threw on my oversized men jumper from Urban Outfitters. I would recommend looking in the men's sale section for some really nice jumpers. If you're into the whole baggy jumper. Next I have some light wash jeans, Also from Urban Outfitters . 
Wait! I just noticed that everything I am wearing is from Urban Outfitters of the expection of my eye chocker. O.o Moving on haha. My leather jacket I purchased a couple of years ago ~ I was actually really happy when I purchased my first leather jacket with my own money! This was with the money of my first job ever. So it was pretty exciting :D Third is my lovely shoes. You can definitely see my other posts to see what other outfits I come up with these shoes in my last post is called One Eye, the link will be there. Lastly will be my all time favorite jewelry piece at the moment, would be this Single One Eye Chocker. More pictures are also in the last post called One Eye. So please give it a read :) 
    Where I wore this outfit ? I wore this outfit just having a day with family. Wanted to look cute but effortless. Went to the park. I made my brother take my pictures haha in case anyone is wondering who takes my pictures, feel free to ask ! It was just a chill day. Ohh but I finally bought my pillow! I recent moved so i didn't have a pillow for a while :(. But not anymore!! 
Once again , hope you guys have a great weekend and a Monday ! thanks for reading. 

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