Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What I am most excited about Spring and Summer 2015 ~

   Hi! So for today's post is going to be A LITTLE different! I'm going to be talking about some of items/outfits that represent what I'm super excited about the spring and summer fashion 2015!
   First let's start off with the matching set! Yes they are back in action and I'm ready to take it over haha. I absolutely love matching sets. It's so effortlessly but it's says I know what is going on. Plus if you're a busy person like me, always working, It's good to have that ready other then having to overthink what you're going to wear a tomorrow. Here are some examples of matching sets. 

These are all beautiful matching sets! Ugh I can't get enough of them. Pictures 2 is just perfect for those bipolar spring days. Where is hot in the middle of the day and cold at night. This cooperative Ditsy Print Slim-Fit trouser pants are so great, why? Well because one it has 2 trends going on in just one pair of pants. One the fit , today it's all about the clean cut looking chic but casual. Also the bagginess is really big at the moment. Second it has pattern, patterns is really popular in the spring and summer. For pictures numbers 1 and 3 have so many of my favorite trends going on. Let's break it down part by part. First is the color White. All white outfits , mostly white with patterns as you see in picture 1 with this Kimchi blue white with small little black pattern. Also the material is very loose with is also great! When it's summer I really don't want clothes sticking to my skin. Ewww haha. In picture 3 is showing off my love for long maxi skirts. Also a continuous trend happening every spring and summer. Last but not least the matching set. 
    Second item I'm super excited about, this is mostly worn in the beginning of spring. Actually it's May 20th and it's pretty cold outside. Yup you guessed it ! A leather Jacket.

  Yes leather jackets are great in my opinion. My current favorite is my Members Only Vegan leather jacket. This instantly makes any outfit cool ! This Point Hem on this Zara leather jacket in picture number 1. This cut is really pretty and flattering, plus on a leather jacket! Yes! 

 Third piece of clothing has to be dresses!




Dress are a staple statement in spring and summer !! It does not feel like spring or summer without a dress in your wardrobe. Here are some of my favorite dresses shapes and colors. I'm a person that wears a lot of black , BUT once in a while I do love to wear some pop of color. To spicy it up. They all just you come different shape. It really depends how you're feeling that day. On a more lazy days I would wear the combined guipure dress (#1) , (#2) and (#4) this are all stylish but causal. As for my baby pink Kimchi Blue dress and my Cooperative shapeless short dress are more on the dresser side. Party time! Haha 
   Matching sets , patterns , bright colors , leather jackets and dresses are what I'm super excited about spring and summer 2015. These all make so many outfits. It's mind blowing. I love putting all these items into play. With some thirfted items as well. But you can definitely be stylish and on a budget at the same time.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

School Girl

   HEY HEY everyone ! Happy Tuesday! Today was my day off. so what did i do ?  Well i spent a day walking in Brooklyn , just exploring and eating some ICE CREAM. Just hanging out with some awesome friends. I hope everyone enjoyed this day or is about to party all night haha. Lets start off with my school girl uniform haha i got this at Forever 21 i while ago. Underneath i wore my favorite basic black fitted cropped tank top. Third just some sheer tight, paired with my Vagabond Loafers. AND that it Folks haha today's outfit was really simple. i hope you guys enjoyed today's post and have a wonderful week 

Truly Madly Deeply Fitted Cropped Tank Top  

Sheer Tights 

Vagabond Loafers ( SOLD OUT :( ) 



My Lazy Look

   Hi hi  !  For today's post its one of my favorite item a shirt dress. Of course I'm wearing some tight black shorts underneath! I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it just like that. I paird this with my Backer white lace platforms. Shirt dresses are the most simple and easiest to wear out and yet still look stylish. As for my lips I am wearing Diva by Mac. This is my go to lip color haha no matter what season. Thanks for reading ! See you next time :) 

Shirt Dress ( sold out :( ) 

Backer White Lace Platforms ( Beacon's Closet ) 




Elastic Heart

   Good Morning ! Happy Tuseday everyone. I hope everyone had a good morning or is about to. Today's post is just super simple once again. First I'm just wearing a vintage tee from a simple thrift store in Brooklyn. It was 1$ can you believe that !! SCORE. Next is just my high rise ankle black BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters. Classic black jeans. For my shoes I am wearing my Norah's ( Vagabond ) A skinny brown/black belt. As for my hat I found this in the sale section of Urban Outfitters ^^ but I'll try to find it online ~ soo that's it haha. Today I didn't really feel like dressing up too much actually so this is one of my lazy outfits. Hope you guys have a great day :) 

Vintage Tee ( Some where in Brooklyn ) 

BDG Jeans

Norah's Vagabond ( Sold Out :( ) 

Hat ( Sold out :( ) 




Long Hair

   Hi Hi ! So for today's outfit is just a really really SIMPLE outfit. Just wearing my Ecote pattern button down from Urban Outfitters. Next just some shorts I use to wear under short skirts. So i don't feel uncomfortable haha. That's my secret !! Third are just some Sheer rights and last but not least my loves ! My vagabonds. As for my bag is the reversible tote bag. Tied my hair in a ponytail and that's it ! 

Ecote button down ( SOLD OUT ;( )

Shorts ( Marshall's a while ago ) 

Sheer Tights

Vagabond ( SOLD OUT ;( )

Reversible Tote Bag




Hip Vibes

   Welcome back to another post on Lexmora. For today's outfit I'll be bring out the one and only Maxi skirt haha. So let's get right into it. This sheer maxi skirt I found at Beacon's Closet. It doesn't look sheer at all, that's because it has two layers. But it's really light so it's great for the summer weather when though it's the color black. Next it's my all time favorite black cropped fitted tank top. I'm like always wearing haha ( don't judge me ) I've already said details about this tank in some previous posts. Third is my kamono from Marshall's originally from Urban outfitters. I actually got this a while back. I found this while cleaning my closet. This is prefect for those summer nights watching the stars or just have a BBQ and not wanted to be all exposed to those nasty bugs! Or for going to the beach well. You can get a lot of uses for this Kamono. As for my belt I just have on a simple skinny black belt from urban. Now my shoes, my Norah's Vagabond shoes. So that's it. I hope everyone handled this weird climate change. It was super HOT yesterday and now it was super cold ... Anyways laters. ✌️ 

Maxi skirt ( Beacon's Cloest ) 

Cropped Fitted Tank 

Kamono (Marshall's) 

Vagabond Norah's ( Out of stock :( ) 



Sunday, May 10, 2015

Converse On A Shirt

   Hello everyone ^^ Happy Monday ! I know , not the weekend anyone.. Haha But I hope everyone had a good weekend. I actually was working all weekend. My days off are coming soon so yay ! My weekend is just starting. Anyways let's start off with this simple look. First is my Converse tank. This is made of cotton, so perfect for those hot days. That is starting to get hot here in New York City. Next is my Kimchi Blue Hydrangea Mini Skirt, this is a  nice skirt to wear in the summer weather because it's super light material. It's just super cute ! It's slightly long in the front and on the back. On the sides is slightly shorter. But it's just shows off you're great legs haha. Third are my Vagabonds , I'm so sad these are sold out online and in stores. As for accessories I have Reversible Thin Strap Tote Bag from Urban outfitters this one is black and cream color , it also comes in 4 more colors! I love this tote bag because it's the perfect size. Not to big or small. Lastly I'm wearing my Casio gold watch. Thanks for reading todays post ! Hope everyone as a good week :) 

Converse Tank ( they only have the charcoal color )

Kimchi Blue Hydrangea Mini Skirt

Vagabond Shoes ( Sold Out :( )

Reversible Thin Strap Tote Bag

Casio Gold Watch




Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pants On Fleek

    Happy Wednesday everyone ! Today's post is about these awesome ninja pants. Yes I just called them ninja pants haha. I found these at Beacon's Closet, it was just a random moment. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular and out of no where there they are. Only for 10$ YASSSSSS. They are a little bit big on me but who cares! Love love them. Next is my basic cropped tank top from Urban Outfitters. Still in store at the moment because it's a basic spring and summer piece. Also it comes in many other cute colors. Let's go to shoes now ! They are just my pink Vagabond shoes. They look almost white becuase they are a really light pink. I've talked about these shoes in my other post. so check those out. Wow this look doesn't get anymore simple. As for accessories I just wore my Casio Watch. That's it! Hope everyone had a good night and we are at the middle of the week , ALMOST there haha weekend ! 

Ninja Pants ( i found them at a thrift store Beacon's Closet )

Black Cropped Tank Top

Vagabonds Shoes ( SOLD OUT :( ) 

Casio Watch




Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Union Square

   Hi! Welcome back to another post. Today's outfit is called Union Square ~ why ? Well I couldn't think of anything more creative haha! Plus that's the location of these pictures. Lets get right into it. First is my light wash Levi's jean jacket. I bought a little bit oversized because I wanted that korean oversized look. But I just love oversize things! So comfortable! This is from the Urban Renewal section at Urban Outfitters. Urban Renewal is just recycled clothes formed into fashionable pieces. Next is my Mary Meyers oversized dress shirt. I wanted to add shape to this dress shirt so I added just a skinny belt. actually  wore some black mini shorts under. As for my tights. They are just sheer tights simple , simple. As for my hat is just a sale hat I found at Urban ! Link would be down below. But this hat is perfect to me , but it's not floppy. Lastly are my pink and white Vagabonds ! Love love these. When these first came out , I was in love with the pink color. Plus I have a lot of dark colored shoes . So there needs to be some lighter color. Plus they are SUPER light!
Thanks for reading ^^!

Urban Renewal Recycled Bleached Out Tucker Jacket

Mary Meyers Dress Shirt 
(sold out )

Sheer Tights

Skinny Belt ( the one i have on is sold out but here are others )

Hat ( only in stores )

 Vagabond Shoes




Monday, May 4, 2015

Goth Girl

    Hello HAPPY Thursday! Today i bring you one of  my favorite outfits so far. why? Well it's all black long dress and those shoes! ugh love it haha. Anyways lets get started, first off lets start with my dress , this long dress has no shape to it. So that's why i paired it with a belt to show of my figure. Since i was at work i put on a small cropped top because it was to revealing for work. This dress is from Urban Outfitters. The length of this dress, i haven't seen in a long time so this make it different. Which i really like. Next i just paired this with simple black tights. Yes yes you must be thinking i wear tights A LOT. Haha well i love tights they make any outfit look clean. Also i don't really like wearing jeans. Lastly are my To Be Announced black heels. This are so awesome! i actually worked in them for 8 hours straight! WHAT!? i know ! but i do have to bring a pair of flats because at the end of the night my feet hurt. But these are so pretty. I love them. Prefect for going out at night or when you know you aren't walking a lot. I hope you guys enjoyed this really chic simple all black look. 

Black Dress ( out of stock ) but any long dress with an open back will do ^.^