Monday, November 9, 2015

Flower Button

    It's Friday ! Yay the weekend! Time to watch Netflix all weekend or try watch all the shows I missed all week haha, well for me at least. Hello everyone for today's post I have on this outfit. The first item is my leather jacket from years ago. I normally have this habit where , there's a jacket of the week, I'll literally wear that one jacket for a whole week or so. I don't know why.... But it's just a habit of mine haha Fun Fact Friday's. Ohh that sound interesting FFF, should I make it a thing ? Ummmmm I'll think about it. Yes this was pursued a years ago at Urban Outfitters. I saw this and I had to buy it, It's actually warm. Next is my black and white color block fuzzy jumper. This jumper is super warm and soft, it's just the best. I purchased this at Beacon's Closet. Check out the post called Jean & Leather, I wore this jumper and as well as these leather pants, just in a different style. Next is my light blue and grey flowered button down, this is a men's button down but that doesn't really matter to me. It's a bit big for me but you can just wear a fitted jumper or a belt on top but in my case I did both with this outfit, and that will help you get your figure back. I really enjoy wearing this because it's flowers! Even though I love wearing black and dark colors, This is a super cute change of color. Third would be my belt but there isn't much to say about it, I wear this belt all the time! Definitely check out forever 21 for some cheap but lastly belts. Lastly for my boots, they are from Marshall's from a few years back. I've been wearing these a lot lately because I forgot how good they look. 

Belt ( sold out :( ) 





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