Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today's Post is about shorts with leggings this is a combination I use when the weather doesn't make up its mind. Like I said before is already the end of May and yesterday was 57 degrees! it was cold! Anyways the shorts are from Urban Outfitters, leggings from a local store near me. As for the top I bought this at a Korean clothing store. When discovered this store I was like "Ohhhh everything is so cute!" I seriously wanted to buy everything in there, BUT I had to control myself haha. You'll see more Korean clothing involved in my outfit of the days. Top is great for those days where you just want come nice a flowy. The green blazer I bought for $10 at a local thrift store. The two last items are my favorite sunglasses at the moment and my boots.These boots seriously can go with anything!
I know I haven't been posting as i should be..I honestly was just in one of those moments were you just don't want to do anything ..I know that is not an excuse but I'm just saying. Ill be posting more often. so I hope you guys are having a good week :D

Sunday, May 25, 2014






For Todays outfit I bring you print all up in your face haha. This silk button down can be used as a button down alone or as an outer piece. Which is awesome because i like getting the most out of my clothes. When I'm shopping i always try to think about how many ways I will be able to use something, this comes in handy when I cant decide if I should buy it or not. I paired this with my Abraham Lincoln ( with cat ) shirt. which I bought for 10$ at Urban Outfitters. ( I've come to realize I shop there to much ) haha ohh before I forget the silk button down is also great for the summer which is coming soon. I bought these for $8.50 at Beacon's Closet. Last bits to finish this look is my hat and some cool boots. For accessories I just put on a simple gold chunky necklace. Well I hope you enjoy your Sunday and this look.



Here I bring you a retro and cool look. I wanted the focus to be on the sliver shoes.When I saw these, I knew I couldn't leave them there sitting all alone haha. I bought these at Marshall's they were $26, they are super comfortable, great for walking which I do a lot of. I try to find shoes that are really different, unique but at the same time comfortable.Which these are the full package. I'm going to be honestly before i wouldn't even think of wearing some shoes like these BUT I've grown to not be afraid to try something different, also to not care what people might say on the streets about something I might be wearing, that they might not like. But that's ok because there are going to be people out there that are going to be open minded and love your/mine unique style :). OK back to the fashion haha i wore a blouse that I found while thrifting, which I bought for only $1, YES another good deal. The flower skirt I also found at Marshall's. This gives this outfit a girly side which is always nice to have. To add some old school and toughness I put on my Leather Jacket from Urban Outfitters. Last the shades and BAM the look is complete. this look could be wore without the leggings as well. i decided to wear them. I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did.





A nice oversized cotton button down with simple jeans, added some awesome shoes with a hat is just the way to spend your day exploring. well for me it is of course. HI everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend! Mines started of slow BUT its going pretty cool . Anyways lets first off with the oversized button down, I bought this at Urban Outfitters a year ago. This was $60, yes I know what you're thinking $60 for just a button down?!? well I actually had to return some things that I bought before. So everything added up and I saw this and I was like what heck ! haha but it was a really good investment, so I'm really glad I bought it. Next is just some plan black jeans, WHICH of course you can never go wrong with. Paired this with my straw hat with some cool spicks around it from Forever21. I actually didn't know they came in sizes.... I was so excited to get this hat that I just overlooked the whole sizing . I'm glad I picked the right size without looking at the sizing. Last is one of my favorite shoes, which I wear all the time as well. these babies I found them at Buffalo Exchange. I recall paying $20 for them. This shoes I had to break them in but now they are super comfortable and what I love most of them, is that they are different so that's right up my ally.  


Friday, May 23, 2014


Good Evening Everyone ! For today's post it's going to be a kind of rockfish girly look. Lets beginning with the red flannel, I bought this flannel at Buffalo Exchange for about $10 the brand is American Eagle. It was in a men section. I don't really care if it's a men/s flannel. So don't be afraid to look at the men's section while thrifting :D. You could find really cute and interesting gems there. Next up is the Skirt, which is one of my favorite skirts because you can pair this baby with mostly anything! I bought this skirt at Goodwill but its from Forever 21. Just paired this with some legging because it was still chilly. These leggings I bought at a local store. Third is my favorite BOOTS, i seriously loves these! I bought these on sale at my local shoe store last year. Finally the blue hat I seriously love hats! I try to include some kind of hat in my everyday outfits BUT then it would be kind of boring right? haha so I try to mix it up. but back to the hat I bought this at a train station store. Weird? I saw it and I fell in love! it was 10$ well i hope you guys are enjoying your Friday ! and have a safe night for anyone that is going out to PARTYYYYY.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Hello everyone! today I have another simple look BUT edgy. I really like this Silk blouse, and im obsessed with the pattern. I wore this look without the jacket earlier today but since nights STILL get chilly.... I have to carry some kind of blazer but for today a light spring coat. It's already May and it's still chilly. I honestly don't really like hot weather so much haha so this passed week has been perfect weather for me haha. This is one of my comfortable looks because of the leggings and the boots! Even though the boots are high heeled I can walk in them for hours! The spring coat I got at Old Navy a few years ago. The hat is from forever21. I hope you guys enjoy this look and remember its almost the WEEKEND :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hello! Today's outfit is more on my casual side. Loving this pink cardigan I found while thrift shopping once again haha, It was only 1$ YES I KNOW. I'm still like whaaatt? I really love this long oversize cardigan because I normally wear dark colors. So this is a good item to have when I just want to add some pop of color, when I need it. The Printed Blouse is from Beacon's Closet. I love going to Beacon's Closet because they always have good deals on name brands! This blouse is one of my new favorite blouses to wear, so I'll be styling it in many different ways, so be sure to look out for that. I paired this with just a basic long tank top, a pair of leggings and boots. You can never go wrong with boots right ? As for my moonstone necklace, I got it as a gift from a good friend. To finish off my look I put on my nerdy glasses, just adds a different vibe to it.


Hello everyone here I bring a look that I really enjoy. First lets start off with my leather jacket that I always wear from Urban Outfitters ( that I'm in love with! ) Second is the UNIQLO poke-a-dot button down. which I found at Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn. YAY! Third is the royal dark blue velvet  skirt which I found in Buffalo Exchange, its a bit big on me BUT I couldn't leave it behind,,, and for a good price, yea it was coming home with me haha. As for Shoes, I bought them at a local store a few years back, they are very comfortable because they are a wedge shoe. PLUS this tan color goes with a lot of things, which is awesome! Last but not least the sunglasses, which are my new obsession. I found these boy boys at Marshalls. I believe that thrifting is a way to find really unique pieces and not sending a crazy amount of money.