Monday, February 2, 2015



   Hello and welcome back to another post on Lexmora ^^! For today's post is going to be about Jean on Jean. I never really liked the look of Jean on Jean, BUT this coat is SO AMAZING! I couldn't say no haha. Let's start off with this reversible coat from the Vender AZY4UO (Assemble New York) I'm showing the Jean side because the fur side is much more warmer in these cold streets on New York. Gotta stay nice and warm. Anyways this you can style in many different ways! Since is reversible. Both sides have POCKETS! Yes celebration! Next i pairs this with my copped fuzzy sweater from MINKPINK all I can stay sooo FUZZZZYY!! This adds a hint of girly.  Underneath it I paired it with a collared button down. I went with a pattern but any of your choice will be great! As for the jeans I wore my BDG jeans from urban that were on sale for $9.99! Yea I know I can't get over it. As for shoes i have on my Jeffery Campbell boots. This are great when you break them in ! Lastly my hat is just from urban outfitters once again. I wear this hat A LOT. 
   Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post. All links so the clothes will be down below. As well as my soical medias! 

AZY4UO Reversible Coat

MINKPINK sweater

BDG jeans


JEFFERY CAMPBELL boots (sold out ;( ) 




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