Wednesday, October 7, 2015

You know I'm Bad

    Hello for today's outfit I'm wearing mostly thrifted items ~ since I went thrifting a couple of days ago. Since I went to donate some old clothes. That were really big.
    Let's start off with the blazer. I found this at Goodwill. This is a Zara basic for
only 19.99$. There is a funny story to this blazer, well to me at least it is. When I spotted this blazer is was in another woman's hands. I was like OHH MAN I wish that blazer could be mine.... Next thing I know , I see that same lady. I asked her , " Hey miss where did you put that spiked shoulder blazer ?" She said, " I put it back in the blazer section. Want me to go get it for you?" I told her sure THANK YOU! Since I wasn't sure if I was going to get my shoes i was trying on and i was taking a long time taking them off, I would of thought someone already took it. That kind lady came back with the blazer! SO KIND!! Now she will always remain in my memories, just for that simple action. But let me tell you this blazer, it's everything! It's just prefect. I'm so glad I found it. For those chilly nights, this will come in handy. The second thrifted item is my black velvet top. This was found at Goodwill, its just one of those basic pieces  you need. Next is my Rag & Bones Jeans. These are men's jeans but who cares haha. As for shoes I found these little cute heels at an Asian style mall in Queens. They were only 10$!! yes! haha  Had to get them. My purse was also thrifted. My best friend Pamela actually got it for me. She is so thoughtful! Love her!! My belt is one of my favorite one and only one... This is from Forever21. They always have nice cheap belt that last a long time. Well that's it for today post! I moved so i didn't have Wifi for while!  Omg so boring...  But I'm back at it again!! 

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