Monday, October 26, 2015

Overside Patterns

    Hi,  Hi  everyone reading this! I'm here with another look. Today's look is more of a comfortable BUT chic outfit. I love, love, love this sweatshirt from J.O.A. The best thing about this, is the fact that you can dress this sweatshirt causally or dress it up. Also it's super warm and comfortable! Next is my BDG Super High Wasted light wash jeans. I actually forgot I had these jeans. I was so was happy when I found them when I was doing laundry. Why?? because I only had one pair of jeans! So another pair equals YAY. The next two items which are, my boots and fedora are both from Marshall's. My boot I pursued 2 years ago. These boots are super cute, but after a whole day they will start to hurt! They have support inside so I would expect them to last the whole day. So I only wear these when I know I'm not doing much walking. Or if I do have to walk a lot then I just bring a second pair of shoes. My fedora is the same old favorite one from my other posts. Lastly my little black bag is an Urban Renewal item from Urban Outfitters. I would recommend you guys look into the Bags of Urban Renewal, they have really unique bags! But I will say they can be a bit pricy, so if you're on a budget then like I am, I'll just wait until they are on sale :D in stores and online.
Well that's it ! Hope you guys enjoyed reading today's post! HAVE A GOOD WEEK GUYS :)

J.O.A Plaid Voluminous Sweatshirt ( sold out at the moment :( )

Urban Renewal Bags


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