Thursday, October 8, 2015

In Love With You


                    Hello and welcome back to another post on LexMora~ 
    Today i have no surprise an all black outfit. I don't know why but i just love the color black, wait no shade ? haha. Lets start with the same Zara blazer i had on the last post. Why am i wearing it again?? Well because i love it, Thats why. This blazer can make anything look super cool, well that's what i think so. You can check out the last post to read about that outfit as well. Next i just wore a simple black shirt, nothing to fancy.  As for the pants I wore these fake leather skinny legging/pants. I found these at Buffalo Exchange for only 9$ yes so CHEAP LOVE IT!! I wore my lovely and most asked shoes, are my Norah's from the brand Vagabonds. Everyone asks about them. For my hat i found at Marshall's, just randomly in the hair tool section. I tried it on and loved it.  So i had to buy it. The bag was from Burlington from the brand London Fog. Really nice bag, fits a lot of things. Sooooooo that is it for today's all black simple outfit. Hope it was a good read and make sure to follow me on Instagram. 


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