Thursday, July 9, 2015

Project Black , Members Only

    Hello! Happy Friday ~ Today I bring you guys a more laid back outfit but I had to make it chic. Lets start off with my Member's Only Snapback. I am not really into snapback to much, but when I saw this one I HAD to have it. This can fit many different styles. So this make it prefect for me. These snapback are made of good material. I can just say I really love this snapback. Second is my basic white button down from Uniqlo. Third I am wear my all time favorite ninja pants haha yes I call them ninja pants... AND WHAT? haha joking, joking. But I love these pants so much! I found these babies at Beacon's Closet and they were only 10$ ugh love it. I get so many comments on these pants. As for my shoes, I am wearing my To Be Announced Shoes from Urban Outfitters. these may not look comfortable AT all but they are haha. I've worked in them for 8 hours! yes I know I am crazy. They aren't bad at all. To put this all together, once again I am wearing my Foever21 black belt.
That is everything for today I hope everyone has a great day.

Member's Only Snapback

Uniqlo ( Sold Out but I'll still put the link )

Beacon's Closet




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