Monday, October 12, 2015

Nights In The City


    HI THERE! We have yet another all black outfit! YAY? Today's outfit is a laid back but still cool and chic outfit for going out at night with the girls! etc. etc. Lets start of with my ALL time favorite my Members Only Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket. I am so happy that it's finally cold enough to wear this beauty. OHHH now this vegan leather jacket comes in the color Olive!! WHAT? but it's only an online exclusive. Next I am just wearing a basic black shirt. Third are my comfortable ninja pants from Beacon's Closet. These are the best pants I've ever bought! I definitely recommend going thrift shopping. Accessory time ~ my belt is from Forever 21, like I said Forever 21 has really good and cheap belts for any style. My rings are just random, for what I remember but I have some rings on from a ring set from Urban Outfitters. Shoes are also from Urban Outfitters but they are sold out...  
soo that it ! I hope you guys enjoyed another way to style black clothes ^^.





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