Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today's Post is about shorts with leggings this is a combination I use when the weather doesn't make up its mind. Like I said before is already the end of May and yesterday was 57 degrees! it was cold! Anyways the shorts are from Urban Outfitters, leggings from a local store near me. As for the top I bought this at a Korean clothing store. When discovered this store I was like "Ohhhh everything is so cute!" I seriously wanted to buy everything in there, BUT I had to control myself haha. You'll see more Korean clothing involved in my outfit of the days. Top is great for those days where you just want come nice a flowy. The green blazer I bought for $10 at a local thrift store. The two last items are my favorite sunglasses at the moment and my boots.These boots seriously can go with anything!
I know I haven't been posting as i should be..I honestly was just in one of those moments were you just don't want to do anything ..I know that is not an excuse but I'm just saying. Ill be posting more often. so I hope you guys are having a good week :D

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