Sunday, May 25, 2014





A nice oversized cotton button down with simple jeans, added some awesome shoes with a hat is just the way to spend your day exploring. well for me it is of course. HI everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend! Mines started of slow BUT its going pretty cool . Anyways lets first off with the oversized button down, I bought this at Urban Outfitters a year ago. This was $60, yes I know what you're thinking $60 for just a button down?!? well I actually had to return some things that I bought before. So everything added up and I saw this and I was like what heck ! haha but it was a really good investment, so I'm really glad I bought it. Next is just some plan black jeans, WHICH of course you can never go wrong with. Paired this with my straw hat with some cool spicks around it from Forever21. I actually didn't know they came in sizes.... I was so excited to get this hat that I just overlooked the whole sizing . I'm glad I picked the right size without looking at the sizing. Last is one of my favorite shoes, which I wear all the time as well. these babies I found them at Buffalo Exchange. I recall paying $20 for them. This shoes I had to break them in but now they are super comfortable and what I love most of them, is that they are different so that's right up my ally.  


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