Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Professional Mix with Edge

    Hey Hey there ! Happy Wednesday today I bring SOME color ! Omg I know right ! Okay so let's start off with my Tan color blazer. This blazer I bought from H&M a while ago. I actually lost weight since then, so it's quite big on me BUT that's okay. I'll work with it. A blazer always makes an outfit look more professional and cleaner don't you think ? Next is my HOPE T-shirt from TopMan. This item was also from a while ago, but TopMan is always selling great T-shirt. As for my jeans I'm wearing the classic BDG Jeans from Urban Outfitters. The High Rise Twig Ankle length 29. These jeans are the best, so comfortable and matches with everything ! Lastly for my shoes, once again I'm wearing my Norah's from Vagabond shoes. Side note I've been wearing them WAY to much that i need to bring them to the shoe repair ....  But they are the best ! 

H&M Blazer ( bought a while ago ) 

TopMan T-shirt ( bought a while ago ) 

BDG jeans 

Norah's Vagabond Shoes ( SOLD OUT :( ) 




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