Monday, June 29, 2015

Deep Thoughts

    Hello everyone ! Today I bring you a more softer vibe with this outfit and scenery. All these photos were taken by Bonny aka my twin haha I will list her Instagram name down below. 
    Let's get into it, I decided to wear this all white chic dress from Urban Outfitters. This is the type of dress that you can dress down or up, so for this scenery I dressed it down. It really plays well with the bay. It gives it a really soft innocent look. I was barefoot in these photos but you can definitely wear it with some slip ons or even some black and white Nike sneakers. Or if you want to dress it up, then just wear some classic black pumps or black Vagabonds shoes. The belt is from Forever 21. I've wore this belt in my previous looks so check those out. I hope you guys enjoy this post ~ 

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