Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Me and You

   Hey everyone ! Welcome back to today's post ! Sorry for the lack of sunlight haha! I got super busy with work and by the time I was off it was 9pm. But that didn't stop me, I brought out the flash! It was a nice beautiful night, so I decided to meet some friends and walk around Washington Square park. So let get started with the outfit. 
    First I'm wearing a Urban Renewal Remade Oversized Poplin Shirt Dress from Urban Outfitters. For one this is so comfortable and cool, cool I mean It will keep you nice and chill, It also has some slits on the sides as you can see. I decided to wear some mini shorts underneath just in case. I don't really won't feel comfortable flashing anyone haha. As a underneath top, I'm also wearing my fitted cropped top just for a little extra comfort. Next I wore my forever21 black belt to create a waist line for some shape. As for accessories I just wore my tattoo Chocker from Claries,my Casio gold watch and my flat top hat from Urban as well. As for shoes I wore my open toe Vagabonds. These shoes are sick ! Love them !! Last but not least is my lip color is from Mac in the color 
Diva. I hope everyone is having a great beginning of the week !:) 

Urban Renewal Remade Oversized Poplin Shirt Dress

Cropped Top 


Tattoo Chocker 

Vagabond ( Sold Out ) 




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