Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hip Vibes

   Welcome back to another post on Lexmora. For today's outfit I'll be bring out the one and only Maxi skirt haha. So let's get right into it. This sheer maxi skirt I found at Beacon's Closet. It doesn't look sheer at all, that's because it has two layers. But it's really light so it's great for the summer weather when though it's the color black. Next it's my all time favorite black cropped fitted tank top. I'm like always wearing haha ( don't judge me ) I've already said details about this tank in some previous posts. Third is my kamono from Marshall's originally from Urban outfitters. I actually got this a while back. I found this while cleaning my closet. This is prefect for those summer nights watching the stars or just have a BBQ and not wanted to be all exposed to those nasty bugs! Or for going to the beach well. You can get a lot of uses for this Kamono. As for my belt I just have on a simple skinny black belt from urban. Now my shoes, my Norah's Vagabond shoes. So that's it. I hope everyone handled this weird climate change. It was super HOT yesterday and now it was super cold ... Anyways laters. ✌️ 

Maxi skirt ( Beacon's Cloest ) 

Cropped Fitted Tank 

Kamono (Marshall's) 

Vagabond Norah's ( Out of stock :( ) 



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