Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby Pink

   Welcome back to another post on Lexmora. For today's post I'm wearing this beautiful Scarlett Fit + Flare dress This dress you can find at your local Urban Outfitters. This dress is really flattering, it gives you a innocent yet sexy look. Very f lowly so that's another thing that i find awesome. Next is my one and only leather jacket from Member's Only. This is my go to leather jacket! I've talked about this jacket in some of my other posts.As for tight just some sheer ones from Urban as well. Lastly is my Kenova Patent Loafers, these are super comfortable and stylish! you guys already know my love for Vagabond shoes haha. So i will say no more. Today's outfit is every simple but cute. i hope you guys enjoyed it. Talk to you guys later ^^>^^

Scarlett Fit + Flare Dress

Member's Only Leather Jacket

Sheer Tights

Kenova Patent Loafers




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