Saturday, December 5, 2015


        Today was an interesting shopping day with family. I didn't do much shopping myself but I did help out the family pick out items, so that was still fun! I did go to this cute store called Morning Glory in Queens to check out some stuffed animals and what cute DIY toys they had, or just really cute things for my room. I didn't find anything that was like I MUST BUY IT.... Something I did think so SOOOOO cute were these mini little munchkin size stuffed animals. I seriously wanted to just buy all of them. Which one is your favorite ? Comment down below I would love to read some comments :D Yea other then that it was mostly helping out. Should of taken more photos but next time I will. Lets get into today's outfit.
        For today's outfit is this simple all black outfit with a pop of color with is my mint color beanie.
My mint color beanie is from MUJI apparel, this beanie is super comfortable!! Wait aren't all beanies comfortable? Well to answer your question, some beanie are WAY to tight for my head haha then I have to do all that work in stretching them out..... I buy them because they are so cute and then complain after... oh Lucy.... Anyways yea check out MUJI for some of their apparel. Next underneath the long dress, I have on a black long sleeve black V shaped basic. On top of this basic I have on one of my favorite dress I own, It just perfect! I wore some leggings under to I wouldn't be cold. I'm telling you guys, New York's weather has been warm! Nowadays it's starting to feel like December, YAY! Shoes are just simple boots that I actually won't be wearing anymore because the bottom of the shoe is all gone ><! and the nails are popping out on the inside... So it hurts when I walk in them. :( TIME FOR SOME NEW SHOES! For my hair I decided why not rock the pigtails ? So I did and just curled the bottom with my curling wand. Oh! I almost forgot my Member's Only jacket! Yes I'm wearing this as well haha. Member's Only has been coming out with some new leather jackets and bomber jackets I cant wait to shop.
         That's it for my day, hope you guys enjoyed reading and hope everyone is having a good weekend :))

Mint beanie ( the website isn't working but it shows you store locations )

Member's Only Vegan Leather Jacket o





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