Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Samurai Papa Yummy

        Hey, hey today was an pretty awesome day why? Because I had awesome Ramen from this place called Samurai Papa. The ramen I choose had pork with eggplant, bamboo and many more veggies it was SO GOOD! I ate all of it...! The waitress was a little rude but that didn't stop me from enjoying my beautiful ramen haha. This place is located in Brooklyn, I'll put the link down below. Check it out next time you guys are craving ramen!
        Lets get into this outfit! The weather wasn't SO bad on this day so I wore this Green jumper. This jumper keeps me so warm, I wish I could wear it everyday? haha Underneath I just wore my Lacoste dress shirt that my brother got as a gift but we are sharing it haha! ( actually its mine now ><) shhhhh! As for my bottoms I am wearing just simple black leggings. Third I'm rocking my really wore out booties! As for my wine color beanie just wearing this to cover myself from the chilly wind.
That's pretty much it from this outfit, simple/comfortable/cute.
        Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Its almost the weekend! YAY!

Samurai Papa

Beanie ( couldn't find the wine color men's beanie but here is a black one )
Women's Maroon color Beanie





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