Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pink With Dark Colors

   Hello !! I hope everyone is had a great weekend ! ummm did i? well i was working haha so i guess yes !
for today's post its all about my new Vagabonds Dioon Canvas Oxford, I love them so much! like i keep saying Vagabond are the most stylish and comfortable shoes ever made!! i cant say anything more. Second lets go to my favorite leather jacket from Member's Only from Urban Outfitters. I'm gladly to say that we have this awesome jacket back in stock for our spring collection. This jacket is $159 but it's totally worth it. This jacket look even more expensive then that it is, its also perfect for this warm color weather we are having in NYC at the moment. Third i wanted to add some pattern, so i added this cotton button down. As for my blue velvet skirt i got this at a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. This skirt is actually really big on me but i love the velvet with deep blue so i had to get it. Lastly I'm wearing just simple black tights. THANKS for reading today's post!

Vagabond Dioon Canvas Oxord

Member's Only Vegan Leather Jacket

Pattern Button Down ( out of stock ) 

Velvet Deep Blue Skirt ( thrift store Buffalo Exchange )

Black Tights




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