Sunday, April 19, 2015

Red And Black

   Good Morning everyone! I'm trying my best to post everyday, not that I have a better work schedule, I have time to time pictures and blog about it ^^ which I'm really happy about! yay.
Okay lets get right into it, for todays post its a really simple outfit. I also like wearing dark colors in Spring and Summer. Why? well I just like darker colors then lighter haha. For my cotton black blouse its vender is  Kimchi Blue from Urban Outfitters. Next is my Ecote Skirt from Urban as well ( okay side note everything I have on is Urban Outfitter... haha )  This skirt I wont be wearing when it get more warmer because this is made a hotter material like wool. But since spring isn't SUPER hot its great to wear out. Third is just my black tights that are awesome! they have last me for a while now. Fourth is my FAVORTIE Norah Vagabonds. Check out my other post to read more about these shoes. Belt is just a thin one so it wont overwhelm the skirt. Lately is my Casio gold watch.
Thanks for reading ! Have a great day everyone :)

Ecote Skirt ( the website only has it in the green color :( )

Black Blouse
Out of stock :(

Black Tights



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